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Callus Relief Set

Callus Relief Set

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The Callus Relief Set is an effective and comprehensive solution for addressing calluses and promoting foot health. Dive into the features that make this set a must-have addition to your foot care routine.


  • Complete Callus Care: The DetoxiStep Callus Relief Set includes a carefully curated selection of 12/24/30 foot care stickers designed to target and alleviate calluses on your feet.

  • Advanced Medical Patch: Each patch is crafted with advanced medical-grade materials that adhere securely to your skin, providing reliable and long-lasting relief.

  • Corn Removal: The set is specifically designed to help remove corns and calluses, offering a comprehensive solution to address these common foot concerns.

  • Curative Patches: These patches work actively to soften and reduce calluses, providing comfort and relief from the discomfort associated with calloused skin.

  • Callosity Detox: The set's name reflects the detoxifying properties of the patches, which help draw out impurities and promote healthier, smoother skin.

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