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Body Massage Glove

Body Massage Glove

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The Body Massage Glove is your versatile tool for relaxation, soothing muscle pain, and improving overall well-being. Explore the exceptional features that define this innovative body massage glove:


  • Roller Ball Massage: The FlexiRoll Massage Glove is designed with strategically placed roller balls that glide smoothly over your body. 

  • Multi-Functional Design: Beyond its targeted use for the neck, back, and shoulders, this massage glove can be applied to various body areas.

  • Anti-Cellulite Benefits: The roller ball design is also effective for anti-cellulite massage. The gentle rolling action can help stimulate lymphatic drainage and reduce the appearance of cellulite, contributing to smoother-looking skin.

  • Muscle Pain Relief: Whether you're experiencing muscle soreness, stiffness, or tension, the Glove relieves by working out knots and promoting relaxation. 

  • Flexible and Adaptable: The flexible design of the glove allows it to contour to your body's curves, ensuring an even and comfortable massage experience. 

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