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Kids 360° Brush

Kids 360° Brush

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The Kids 360° Brush is an innovative dental tool designed to make oral hygiene an engaging and thorough experience for kids aged 3 to 12.


  • 360° Dental Care: The Brush Kids toothbrush takes oral care to the next level with its three-sided design. Each side is carefully crafted to target different areas of the mouth simultaneously, ensuring comprehensive cleaning from all angles.

  • Kid-Friendly Design: Created with children in mind, the TriBrush features a colourful and playful design that appeals to young imaginations. This encourages kids to engage actively in their oral care routine and develop healthy dental habits from a young age.

  • Gentle Soft Bristles: The soft bristles of the TriBrush ensure gentle and comfortable cleaning for young teeth and gums. The bristles effectively remove plaque and food particles without irritating them, making them suitable for children's sensitive mouths.

  • Easy-Grip Handle: The toothbrush's ergonomic handle is designed to fit comfortably in kids' hands, promoting better control and manoeuvrability during brushing. This empowers children to brush effectively and independently.

  • Educational Tool: The Brush Kids toothbrush is more than just a cleaning tool; it's an educational resource. The three-sided design introduces children to comprehensive oral care, making brushing a fun and informative experience.

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