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U-Smile Dental Brush

U-Smile Dental Brush

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The U-Smile Dental Brush is an innovative oral care solution designed to make brushing an enjoyable and effective experience for kids.



  • U-Shape 360° Design: The U-Smile Dental Brush features a revolutionary U-shaped 360° design surrounding teeth, ensuring comprehensive cleaning from all angles. This innovative design streamlines the brushing process, making it easy for kids to thoroughly clean without missing any spots.

  • Kid-Friendly Experience: Designed with children in mind, the Dental Brush offers a comfortable and enjoyable brushing experience. Its soft bristles and gentle approach ensure that kids can easily maintain their oral hygiene routine.

  • Effortless Brushing: The U-Smile KidGlide Dental Brush simplifies oral care for kids, as its U-shaped design automatically covers the entire tooth surface while the child bites down, reducing the need for complicated motions.

  • Encourages Independence: The innovative design of the KidGlide Dental Brush empowers kids to brush on their own. Its user-friendly shape and effortless operation foster independence in maintaining oral hygiene habits from a young age.

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